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�Declare His glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.�? - Psalms 96:3




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Vava Aabha Thanks Mom...Thank You Mom and Thanks Mom. Thank you for taking care of our Kids .....Thank you for taking care of our Parents and Thank you for taking care of Both of Us, Amen. Kerala 2019-02-08
m Dearest Ma, I come to you and place all my trust in you. I entrust to you all those who are in need of your intercession especially those who are sick , poor and lonely. Thank you for all the countless miracles in my life.Thank you for my family, friends, grandchildren and all my health issues that have been solved. Please heal K, D and N.Help me to be a good daughter, mother and wife. Help C to get married and help me to meet S. Love you, Ma. Bless all of us with good health. Help all our travels to be safe and peaceful. Please help me to look presentable, Ma. I 2019-02-08
AabhaVava Thank you Mom...Thank you Mom...Thank you Mom for blessing both of us with all that we ask for. Thank you Mom for taking care of our Kids and Our Parents...In a special way, both of us thank you for extending your special CARE and LOVE towards Seena. Thank you Mom..Thank you Mom...Thank you Mom. Kerala 2019-02-07
SiniB Thank you Mom for safeguarding Seena and her womb till today. Thank you Mom for taking care of the health of her womb and herself. Thank you Mom for the help and assistance you offering through Doctors and nurses. Thank you Mom the great understanding of our parents towards Seena. Thank you Mom for the state of mind of Seena. Thank you Mom for giving us HOPE the womb of Seena...Thank you Mom....Thank you Mom...Thank you Mom. Hydrabad 2019-02-06
I feel truly blessed to be able to attend the Holy Papal Mass. Thank You Lord. 2019-02-06
VavaAbha Thank you Mom.....Thank you Mom for keeping us safe.....Thank you Mom for helping us to grow ....Thank you Mom for giving us Happiness... Thank you Mom for sharing with us your LOVE and Care... Thank you Mom for Being with Our Kids, Our Parents and our Friends. Thank you Mom. Kerala 2019-02-05
elsa kurian I had requested a prayer for my elder daughter Aiswarya Rachel Cherian to get ajob She has got ajob as grader in colorado university.Thanks be to Mother Mary for hearing the prayers of this humble servant. kerala 2019-02-05
satheesh kumar thanks please bless us up to complete the concrete pour sohar 2019-02-04
a Thank you so much Mother Mary for answering all my prayers. I put my prayer request here and all my prayers were answered. Ave Maria. Praise the Lord. a 2019-02-04
SiniB Thank you Mom for BLESSING both of US. Thank you Mom for taking care of Our Parents. Thank you Mom for looking after Our Kids. Thank you Mom...and a BIG thanks to you Mom for BEING with each of with our dear and near ones. Kerala 2019-02-02

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