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�Declare His glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.�? - Psalms 96:3




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V Ramesh Babu Amma Thaye! How can I prescribe your immeasurable miracles power. Today I got the news that it will be set righted soon. Soon after I heard the news you know how I felt, I am feeling very emotional because of your kindness in listening to my prayers as a result I heard that amazing news. You know how much disturbed I was all these days. Thank you for having made me & making me understand the life circle. For all the trust that I have placed on you , you have given me something very unimaginable. You know there is tears in my eyes while sending u this thanking letter. You taught me what is life all about but without my losing anything. Please help me and prepare me to believe in you. Please help me avoid destructions which undermines your true blessing and miracles. To be honest all these days I am kind of feeling with less confidence and as you know I am thinking whether I will be able to handle the pressure with new anticipated atmosphere. In a way I feel that I am in comfortable zone, I want such feeling to be vanished in me and please prepare me to perform well in much better way. I should regain all the happiness that I have lost tentatively....especially you know my wife how much I love her she was in fact mentally disturbed and lost her happiness within her. She always saw me as a man of commanding but when she sees me the other way around I could sense that she was extremely missing all the joyful moments. She was very proud of me so my daughter. These two are like my angels and their happiness and their blurred future was kind of worrying me all these days. All you know I come to you for all the repairs and miracles. Having said that please prepare me to handle any sort of pressures also please help me stay with my family closely and help me give my dedication and unconditional responsible love to them always. Also at any point in time I must go over board with my mother and other relatives. I know now how to portray myself with new beginnings but without your help I can not perfectly do it. So please help me stay proud person to my family as well to my relatives, friends and fellow colleagues and officers. Please shower your blessing up on me to speak well , write well and handle thing well in a much better way than the previous experience. Please help me appear myself in a manner in which others must think that I am a best example. Please give me courage to handle and curb unpleasant situation. Please equip me to be a good human being at the same an acute professional also person who must exhibit good care to other human beings. Please control me to stay calm,stay fit, stay smart, stay professional and a respected person by my good habits and nature. Also please bless me to good example and a person with humble nature. Please help me convert a bad person to a good person, kindly equip me with all necessary knowledge and blessing so that I can successfully exhibit my true service to the mankind. As always I want, make my mother feel that I am a good & proud and honest son, my wife must feel that I am a honest husband, my daughter must feel that I am a honest and a proud father. My brothers, sisters, friends, all relatives and all other human beings in this society and in the world must that I am a good person. Thanks a lot AMMA. Mariye Vaazga, Mariye Vaazga, Mariye Vaazga. Yesuvin Ratham Jeyam. Enn Aathumavey Kartharai Stothriyum Enn Muzhu Vullamey Avarudaya Parisutha Naamathai Stothriyum, Enn Aathumavey Kartharai Stothriyum Avar Seitha Sagala Ubagariyangalai maravathey. AMEN. Velankanni Amma Thaye Vaazga. AMEN. Chennai 2018-03-23
Jomole sinoj ente amme oru ayiram thanks for helping in difficult situation J 2018-03-21
Parameswaran Arjunan After our visit cum pilgrimage to our Lady Of Health Vailankanni in December 2017 ,we as a happy family can see and feel the presence of Our Lady Of Vailankanni in our daily life,Helping us in all that we do,Thanks for all the Blessings showered upon our family.We love to come again .Thanks for the safe journey home to Malaysia.Love to visit Incredible India and all the awesome people who helped us during our pilgrimage here. God bless us all.AMEN. Kuching,Sarawak,Malaysia 2018-03-19
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