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�Declare His glory among the heathen, his wonders among all people.�? - Psalms 96:3




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Sippyan Amme, THANK for all those who help my sister and her sons to get back to life. Please DO BLESS EACH OF THEM those who are helping her in one or the other way. Please do bless their dreams and listen their prayers. Thank you Mom. Aluva 2018-09-26
Anto Mother of humanity, I thank you for saving us from all pain, struggles and dangers. Please continue to bless US and bless all those who help, support, pray and bless us. Thank you Mom for your extended care towards our children...Thanks Mom. India 2018-09-25
jm Mother Mary thank you for bless my daughter in her Maths exam today..she was not nervous and not scare...thank you Mama Mary for your blessings on her. Bless her also her next Physics exam kwt 2018-09-25
Antony Pal Mother Mary, my Mom, I Thank you for making more Wise, knowledgeable and a Better Human being. Thank you Mom for taking care My family. Thank you Mom for Blessing those who help us out. Thank you Mom for taking care of the ones whom I love. Thank you Mom for being My Mom. India 2018-09-24
Priya David Dear Mother Mary, Thanks for all your blessing on us and our family. Please continue to protect us and guide us through out our life. Thanks for helping our home loan get approved dear mother. Thanks for blessing us with a home. Mother, please help us to clear all this loan on timely basis without any trouble. Once again thanks a lot mother for helping in approving the loan. You are truly powerful and you showed miracle in our lifes. Thanks mother. Bangalore 2018-09-24
VavaAbha Mother of Velankanny, we come before you with a GREAT THANKS for your continues Blessings, Support and Care for each one of US, specially for our Sister and her children with OUR Parents. Thank you Mom for your extended Help, care , Support and Blessings. Thank you Mom for being our Mom. Thank you Mom. India 2018-09-23
Siby Amme, Thank you for everyone who support us one or the other way. Thanks you Mom for your LOVE and CARE. Thank you Mom for Blessing US all. Thank you for Blessing me to care for my Sister. Thank you Mom for blessing me to Help My Brother. Thank you Mom for Caring for to care for My Parents. Thank you Mom. Kerala 2018-09-23
Sini Mother, we thank you for Seens and her womb. Thank you mother for your extented Motherly love for her. Please do continue to bless her, her fetus, her Hus and parents with Doctors, Nurses and all those who care for her. Thank you Mom. Hydrabad 2018-09-23
AbhaVava Thank you Mom for all those who help our Sister. Bless them all and bless us too to help her in a better way. We thank you for each ONE who help us to help Sisterb and her sons. Thank you for those who pray for US and bless us. Thank you Mom Kerala 2018-09-23
Varun loyal Martis Thank you Velankanni mai for granting me the favors i was in need of.Mother mary through your intercession i got job and peace of mind.Also raised my faith in Jesus Christ and his miracles. Dubai 2018-09-23
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