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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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mini ente mathave...amme ..unni yesuve... thanq soo much ...ente job now safe ..its only because of ur blessings..thanq amma babyjesus ...frm mummy me and bro kerala 2019-05-24
Roche Victor Nandri Madhavee, Amen Chennai 2019-05-24
mini ente ettavum priyappetta mathave ..unniyesuve ..ammne njan life l othiri tired aaya pole thonnuva ..appa poyathum ..financial budhimuttum health issue ellam koodi vishamichirikkumbam job poyi ..pinne thatty kooty kittiya job salary ella .ennittum pidichu ninnu ..eppam aa job problem la..enthu cheyyum mathave .njan aake vishamathila..munnottu enthu ennariyilla...computer marannum poyi ..pinne kanninu vayyatha kondu ..eni computerjob cheyyan pattathilla atha ..njan oru pavama ..life l happiness enthannu atinjittilla ..enne bless cheythu enne happy aakename..job l tele calling parayalle..ente ella vishamangalum ariyallo..kannu thoongi ponu..aake oru vishamam..munnottu enthu ennariyilla ..enikku vendy pray cheyyane ..njan aake vishamathila..ente kunju eesoye ..amme enne bless cheyyane..nalla santhosham tharane..enikku nalla oru marriage varane ..santhoshathode jeevikkan pattename ..othiri kazhtapettatha..othiri karanjatha..karayan kannu neerilla...mummyem brother nem bless cheyyane..amen kerala 2019-05-24
jennifer Dear Mother, thank you mother very much for this day and for all the favours granted. Mother please bless my son good health, make him peaceful, and normal child. Mother please bless avi n me good health, make us peaceful, free us of all worries all tension good house good increment good promotion good healthy full time maid. Mother please bless me find back my lost kada and help us sort all our problems. Mother please bless me sort all our problems mumbai 2019-05-24
Sudhas Mother please pray for me to get rid of any serious illness in coming test result.please help me mother.please help me for my family.8 manjeri 2019-05-24
akshata Dear Mother Mary Jesus I love you. Please forgive me for my sins. Please accept my prayers. Please keep all our family members in good health and in good financial life. Please keep my husband in good health and in good job life and in good financial life. Please keep him safe in foreign. Please give him growth in his job life. Please bless him with very good job in India. Please bless me also with good job. Please keep me also with good health. Please bless our married life. Please bless us with healthy and cute baby. Please bless Anthony also with healthy and cute baby. Please sort our all the problems from alen’s life. I love you. Amen. Navi Mumbai 2019-05-24
jja matha I leave everything with you matha todays decision for English should be right it was your move for Ivan you asked me to go to school in the morning your intercession brought the principal outside and you saved my son matha the new teacher for eng should be your choice matha help him to get a better grade for sonnet the HOD sould revise and review and ask for a representation of script they should give an approval for a re performance matha how many hours he spent tutoring matha keep him mentally fit matha always be with him make him resilient matha mould and make him a stronger person resilient and emotionally strong matha make a pillar of support and give me the patience to move on cck 2019-05-24
Bernie Our Mother, we are just waiting for your powerful instant miracle today for lots of money and customers to buy both our houses so that with the same money we can clear all our financial debts of everyone. Bless my family with peace, good health and prosperity. Bless Anthony with mental peace of mind, secured job abroad and free him from this struggle.Help us to forgive and forget the wrong done between us. Help and have pity on us. Free us all from this situation and bring us back to our normal life.Give us the chance to thank and praise you always. Mumbai 2019-05-24
Mr and Mrs buffard Matha vailankanni, please give her courage to come back to our house and help our daughter gizelle get released from her demoms hand. Please please please maa, hear our prayers. Muri, Jharkhand 2019-05-24
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