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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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Xavier dear annai thaye bless my family and my children Antoathin and daughter Aashikha. save their lives. cure them from their illnesses. ATTUR 2019-02-16
Peram Anitha Jesus please give me chance to marry nihanth....parishudhuda parishudhuda....aunty uncle please accepting my love....praise the lord...haleluya amen Vijayawada 2019-02-16
Dayna S TL Please bless Gokul and me for our marriage Dear God, Beloved Jesus Christ and Mother Mary, Please Bless Gokul and me as we both intend to get married as soon as possible and we really hope that the process of our marriage be smooth as possible without any hindrance. Thank you my dear beloved God, Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. Thank you all for praying for us. Amen. For Gokul Who is in Kerala(India) I pray For Gokul to get a job in Singapore in a very good company with a very good salary and a comfortable working hours. And may it be a very reputable Job that he can progress in his career path. I pray to you be a shield to Gokul always and as well as be a blessing! Shower him with All your blessings always. Singapore 2019-02-16
D Sona I was a Hindu and married my Catholic husband and have baptised. Marriage supposed to be Sacred but I failed to realize my husband... Though He is a cradle catholic, he married me just to get a visa to work in Singapore. And this 5years plus with him, He abused me verbally mentally and physically and also swindled more than SGD 20k from me. This 5-6years he just treated me as an unpaid maid only. I am divorcing him and getting my divorce soon. My heart is full of pain and making me feel have I made a mistake by becoming a Catholic as seeing my husband being bad example of a Catholic! Asia 2019-02-16
Elizabeth Mother Mary I trust in your power to intervene in my maids mind so that they realize their fault and stop from irritating me in any form and make them understand that it was not because of my fault I had to behave like that, but because of their disrespectful behavior in a workplace that I behaved like that. I trust in your power to make them realize to their fault and India 2019-02-16
Prasad Balagopalan Holy Mother! Please perform a miracle and help my parents recover completely and be pain free and lead a long healthy, happy life to see my kids. Please help to keep my mother’s diabetes, cold and stomach under control. Please help my father to recover his strength. Please help me to regain my vitality. Please help my business to succeed. Please help me to get married soon and have kids. Aberdeen 2019-02-16
J.d Mogal maie argan dita tuka soglea tunes denea passport.maie maytag hang tujea lagi mhaka passion dhi. Mhojea 12 vorsachea chedum mhaka khup tras dita iskolant teachrichi complainant gharant reaped Dina. Kitea sanglear zogdunk ieta ani mhojear hat pain ukolta. India 2019-02-16
A My mom A 2019-02-16
A My mom A 2019-02-16
A My mom A 2019-02-16
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