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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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PJ Oh Mother, Bless me and SM,remove all problems between me and SM.Make her mind to accept me as her husband. Amen UAE 2018-03-24
M Blessed ever virgin holy mother,my mother went to doctor,he suggested many blood tests ,gv her all good reports Amma...gv dctr good memory, knowledge for treatment... Blr 2018-03-23
biji danny PLEASE PRAY FOR MY MARRIAGE united arab emirates 2018-03-23
patrick pray for my son school admission and also RTE seat pray for my wife pray for my two wheeler soon as possible my father should take and give pray for him pray for my memory power and general knowledge pray for my son should be intelligent in studies pray for my work i want grow higher &higher in work pray for my needs pray for financial blessings BENGALURU 2018-03-23
akshata Dear Mother Mary Jesus please saves my love. Please bless me to get marry with my love infant very soon. Please give us strength to get marry with each other. Please give me wisdom that I can always make infant and our family happy. Please tell my infant not to marry with other girl. Please tell my infant to marry me only. Please keep my infant in good health and in good profession. Please bless him with good job in India. Please keep our sweet family in good health and in good finance. Please give good wisdom to our Johnson. Please keep everyone good in this world. I love you. Amen. Navi Mumbai 2018-03-23
AA Please help me these days what to do in these days. A 2018-03-23
S Mother mary please answer all the prayers. K 2018-03-23
Prince Dear Lovingly Holy Mother Mary.., thanking you for whatever you gave in my life. Please blessing to me and my family member my son bless to you give good health with peace full mind protect from all.guide to us help to every one i place my new home construction plan in your hand you do best for me you build the home you help to me for going to start propose business you do best for all. i place my land problem in you hand you give solution you help to me in the name of holy mother many i pray Amen Kuwait 2018-03-23
Dais Mother, please pray for our financial problem. Punalur 2018-03-23
Dais Mother, please pray for our financial problem. Punalur 2018-03-23
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