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 "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believeth. Mark 9:23 "... Hence do not worry, the Lord God will surely hear our prayers through the intercession of Mother Mary..



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Priya Madhava....please heal our little nephews absence seizure, reduce his side effect...please do a miracle for him.please pray for him....please give more strength to his mum and family. i humbly pray you... Madhava....please bless and protect him...please give him speedy recovery..... Please heal his allergey cough. I believe in you...please Jesus .... please pray everyone to him.. Pease protect , bless, and give good health to all our kids and family children. Australia 2017-05-27
usha rege Dear mother, I am specially praying for Dew. He is very ill. Please be kind to make him healthy. mumbai 2017-05-27
mahesh Dear amma please bless my family.give good health to amma nanna suresh chinni kushi hanshitha kanna rishika vijaya and me.bless prawn pond give them good health.give me government job amma.bless kaikaluru house amma.thankyou amma. varahapatnam 2017-05-27
Vasanthi Holy mother Bleand protect allbif us.family.buildings vehickes.thanks thy mother Chennai 2017-05-27
radheshyam patel Holy mother prayer for my wife savita and my daughter ishita and anshika mary mother please prayer for my family and friends amma please give me government job amma listen to me amma our hearing is complete and final decision is safe in supreme Court please amma prayer for our tet morcha mary mother please help us amma final decision is our favour please help us amma we are waiting for teacher job long time mother prayer for us varanasi 2017-05-27
jessy Amma my husband Inbaraj is drinking too much at times and lost his license for 5 years. my son Aarush (7 Years) is complaining of headache for few days and having twitch in his head. my dad Pankiraj just recently had heart operation. Please pray for my family. Thank you melbourne, Australia 2017-05-27
Steffi Mother velankanni bless us specially my children let them to get marry soon show them good path. Bless those people to show willingness n like to marry soon. Amen Hyderabad 2017-05-27
Brindha Amma prayag is not obedient.pls help him to be righteousness.healthy.pls keep away santha from my and my family throughout our life..pls help me in getting sabbatical leave.I will walk on knees.burn candles .tell rosary with my family.keep all safe in world.especially kids.reach my husband safe Chennai 2017-05-27
Brindha Amme arokya matha .in this world cruelty against kids in day care is increasing.kill those who do this.heal the little ones Chennai 2017-05-27
Rashmi Mother today I surrender ankit demta and tarsila ekka into your hands.mother please help ankit to go to church on every Sunday.mother he is of very little faith.mother he needs divine light of Christ .mother I have been praying but I don't see a change in his behaviour.mother don't delay until it is too late for him .let him accept Christ with his heart.mother the emptiness in his life can only be filled by ur holy son Jesus. Jesus don't leave ur son ankit to live his life on his own.mother do a miracle I his life to accept Christ as the saviour.mother protect him day and night.mother give good health to my mother.morher u rmy mother please don't abandon us from ur mervy amn favour.ask Jesus to forgive ankit n me n show mercy on us Thank you mother India 2017-05-27
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